Friday, July 10, 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water Review

So the product I'm reviewing today is the Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Water with green tea and green complex.

"This dewy, easily washable cleansing water contained with Jeju eco-friendly green tea moisturizing, antioxidant ingredients and witch hazel water thoroughly removes not only sunscreen and BB cream but also light point makeup"

It contains 85% Natural Origin Ingredients. The 4 points that it claims is:

1. Perfectly cleanses light point makeup (suncream, bb cream is a given)
Uses pesticide free green tea from Jeju and pesticide free witch hazel.
Will completely remove daily face makeup and light point makeup

2. Easy Washable Water - Won't dry out your skin and leaves it moist
It doesn't stress your skin, after cleansing with this moist cleansing water, your skin won't dry out and if you feel your skin is dry, then just rinse with water for a refreshing easy washable type of cleansing

3. Easy Use Design - One pump use
Using 2 cotton pads, place on top of the pump to conveniently press to soak your cotton pads with a suitable amount. It's designed to decrease the discomfort of a long cleansing time.

4. Moisturizing Antioxidant Effect - due to the pesticide free Jeju Green Tea
The ingredient, grown from clear and purified, pesticide-free green tea will keep your skin clean and clear by protecting the moisture in your skin.

Innisfree is known for their natural ingredients and this product is a 4-Free System (No artificial coloring, no mineral oil, no imidazolidinyl urea (type of preservative), no animal raw material)

This product contains their specially formulated Jeju green complex (Jeju Green tea, tangerine, white lotus, camelia, orchid) to keep skin healthy.

Ingredients and Directions


Place your cotton pad on top of the pump

and press

Packaging: 5/5

I LOVEE love love this pump packaging. I know it's basically the same type of packaging as those makeup removers in Sephora but I think that's why it's so brilliant. It's made so that you can pump and soak your cotton pad easily without having to worry about spilling. I have tried other pump dispensers that I have not liked as much as this one. Easy and convenient!

some cc/bb cream/cushion swatches on my arm

With just one swipe, it came off easily. You can see the moisture from the water

Dirty cotton pad

After rinsing my arm

Product: 4/5

I think it works well at removing light makeup and dirt off my face. I feel like it does seem to leave a slight film behind perhaps due to all the added extracts but since I always double cleanse it doesn't bother me. It is quite gentle and doesn't leave that stripped dried out feeling that alkaline cleansers leave. However, I do think if you use heavy makeup, this will not be enough to remove everything nor does it claim to.

If you are sensitive to fragrances, I don't know that I would recommend this product as it is scented. If you have tried other products from the Innisfree Green Tea line, it's basically the same kind of scent. I personally don't mind it and it fades quickly if you double cleanse.

Price: 5/5
It retails for 300ml for 12,000won (~3.3oz for ~$12) in Korea

Which I think is a great value. I've been using it basically everyday for a couple months now, using about 3~4 pumps and I've only used a little more than 1/3 of it. I do use a separate eye makeup remover for heavy makeup removal so if this is going to be your only makeup removal you might go through it faster. However, compared to other cleansing waters I've used [Bioderma ~$15 for 100ml and the YSL cleansing water (which I think is discontinued) ~$50+ for 200ml] it does happen to be much cheaper. Personally I didn't like Bioderma that much for its price but I do think it left less of a film. 

Overall: 3.5/5
I won't repurchase anytime soon since I have a backlog of other cleansing products I want to try (Banila Co Clean it Purity, cleansing oils, etc) It does manage to fulfill its claims and is a great basic cleansing water. If I don't find anything better, I would repurchase.