Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sum37 White Award Bubble De-Mask

So I actually bought this sample as a whim because I just wanted to try something from Sum37 given how much love it seems to get but I have commitment issues...especially to full sizes of new products out of fear it will aggravate my overly sensitive skin. So yay for samples! I love that it lets me commit to a few tries without the high cost.

Front of the packet

Back of the Packet (translated by me below)
White Award Bubble-De Mask
[Brightening + Pore Deep Cleansing 3-in-1 effect]
Fermented Ingredient NAPS (N-Acetylphytosphingosine) and Acai Berry ingredient are combined to give skin clarity and to comfortably calm skin. After spreading, the tiny bubbles deep cleanse wastes from pores through this wash off type brightening mask.

Directions/How to use:
After cleansing, pump from the container, avoiding the eye area, spread the pack about 2mm thick all over your face. After 5~7 minutes, wash it off completely with warm water.
*Recommended Use 1~2 times a week. *Don't store at high temperatures.

Freshly squeezed out the sample packet, it looks like a cleansing gel. I spread it (rather thinly instead of the recommended 2mm)

I feel like that looks more like 1mm thick rather than 2mm..hmm what do you think?

Starting to bubble up....

As you can see, it starts pulling away from the skin, hopefully grabbing onto the dirt and grime that's inside my pores xD

After about 7 minutes, all the bubbles disappear~~ and you wash it off~

All clean~!

One thing I want to note is that you do need to work fast when spreading. I did find it easier to apply on a wet face than on a dry one although I would still recommend spreading on one side of your face first rather than all over because the bubbles rise up fairly quickly and if you disturb what you've applied, the bubbles will come out uneven.

Product: 4/5
Thankfully no bad reaction. It was a lot of fun to use and just for that reason I recommend people try it. After all, who doesn't like bubbles?! I think the product itself works fairly well as I did feel like there was a temporary brightening effect and left my skin a bit more transparent. The bubbles do make sounds, almost like soft popping/crackling sounds when it grows/shrinks. And it's a really interesting feeling that I have a hard time describing with my limited vocabulary. xD Time to go study a dictionary...

Value: 3/5
At ~$50 (50,000won) for 100ml (full size), it's definitely on the pricey side. You can find it online for a little cheaper.

I bought the sample packet for about 80 cents from Style Korea from my previous haul and the sample packet contains around 4~4.5ml which doing the math, makes buying the sample packets cheaper than the full size by...a lot. I got about 3-4 uses out of one packet but I guess depending on the size of your face/amount you use how much usage you can get will vary.

Overall: 4/5
I would and have repurchased them again in sample sizes. If I was rich I would shell out for the full size but at my current stage in life, it's a luxury I can only afford in small packets, pun intended ;D

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